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TVR has a legacy of over 6 seven decades for innovations and designs in Britain’s sports car segment. Due to its aggressive sporty design and powerful tweakings, it gained popularity on the race tracks as well as on roads. TVR has offered several iconic models to the petrol heads throughout the years. Here is a list of TVR’s best sports cars throughout its presence in the automotive industry.


Chimaera is one of the most well-planned designs from TVR with its spacious body, and the same running hears of the Griffith. Chimara was one of the most affordable sports car created by TVR and yet is the once that every car collector wants in their garage.



Griffith was a creative sports car model from TVR, which was simple and unique for a sports car in its era. It was one of the greatest British sports cars of its era. TVR manufactured Griffith in the 90s, which became their most selling car in history.


Tasmin was a car that went through a series of changes after the arrival of Peter Wheeler in the company. He ordered to put the Rover V8 engine for Tasmin to create a 350i version of the original Tasmin that had 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 2.8-liter V6 engines. The V8 engine gave Tasmin what a real sports car needed in that era, except for its looks.


TVR’s Grantura had simple chassis, front-engine, short wheelbase, glass fiber body, and a read-drive design. TVR initially offered customers to customize the engine for Granturas, but later they started making MG-powered cars. It was an exceptional road car with a sporty design that made it fun in all occasions. Grantura also remained a popular race car for a long time.



Sagaris is one of the most aggressive machines built by TVR, considering both its design and performance. It was powered by a 400bhp, which was really fast in that era. There were reports of engines not performing when they were new. The car owners had to invest a lot of extra money in maintaining this beast machine. Even today, it is among the most expensive TVRs that you can buy at auctions.


The cars under the M-Series of TVR were a new direction for exploration in the company. Models like 2500M and 3000M were designed to be more practical and civilized compared to their sister race machines. Taimar Turbo was the most notable model in the M-series. It offered 230bhp generated from a 3.0-liter V6 engine. Taimar Turbo has a top speed of 140mph, an ideal speed for a sports car in the 90s.


Tuscan was one of TVR’s most successful models, which did not even get approved for the road. The original Tuscan was powered with the Rover V8 engine, which was later replaced with its own AJP engine. Tuscan was a hard car to drive on the road, let alone using it for the race.