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No other car engenders a sense of occasion quite like the Tuscan. Every journey in this spectacular car is unique and memorable, to which the attention it attracts, first by its low snarl and then by its anomalous design, gives glowing testimony.

The mark II Tuscan is the latest evolution of this legendary TVR. Stunning new lightweight composite bodywork. Luxurious new leather interior. Sophisticated new handling set-up. Same earth-shaking power-to-weight ratio.

Clothing one of the most substantial rollcages and chassis in the industry, the new bodywork has been designed to provide downforce for high-speed stability as well as head-turning looks. The new interior cossets its two occupants in seats trimmed in the finest hides, while there is room in the cavernous boot for

Tuscan S Convertible

The mighty Tuscan now comes in the form of a spectacular new convertible, described in the press as being so luxurious it must have escaped the resistance of TVR’s accountants to get into production. It couples all of the breathtaking performance of the targa Tuscan with the exhilaration of driving a top-down sports car.

Its functionality has been completely redesigned as an original convertible, rather than simply a coupe with its roof taken off. And no expense has been spared in ensuring the progression of its pedigree. From the astonishing enhancements to its handling, to its remodelled new interior, this is close to motoring utopia.

Yet its elegant and sophisticated form belies its almighty agenda. Hidden beneath its sleek skin is a monstrously powerful beast that purrs when you want it to, and roars when you tell it to. The Tuscan convertible is a paradox: there is a charming courtliness to this brutish Bohemian.