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TVR is proud to be able to offer factory-backed servicing and enhancements through TVR Power, its wholly-owned performance division based in Coventry, central England.

Through its close association with TVR’s headquarters in Blackpool, TVR Power shares all of the conviction, culture and capabilities of the factory itself. All TVRs are carefully hand-crafted and require not only extensive expertise to maintain and enhance, but also exquisite care and attention-to-detail; and with over 20 years’ unimpeachable experience of attending to its clients and their cars, for both the road and the track, TVR Power has carved out an impeccable reputation for exactly that.

At its extensive engineering facilities, TVR Power’s highly-skilled and factory-trained technicians deliver a meticulous service with a personal approach. Customers from all over the world take advantage of the approved servicing, handling and performance enhancements, engine tuning and conscientious damage repairs on offer from the only TVR-owned performance and service centre.

As part of TVR Power’s commitment to continual development, it has invested in one of the most advanced rolling road dynamometers, capable of recording speeds of up to 200 mph and power outputs of up to 1,500 bhp. It is also investing heavily in new state-of